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Jay Russell was brought into the TV world at a very rapid pace. He started out as a SC State Trooper which was the basis of everything he has accomplished. When your life depends on being able to spot certain things in people you learn to do it really fast and become very good at it. In 1996 Jay started a business called R.A.I.D. Corps Incorporated, which provides K9 drug dog services in the private sector. In his mission to rid the world of drugs he met Michael Rosenblum, which Jay decided would be great for TV, hence Southern Fried Stings was born. Jay did three seasons on TRU TV with Southern Fried Stings and loved the worlds that it opened up. Kaplan Stahler of Beverly Hills, CA represents Jay.

In 2008 Jay formed ACR Productions, which are the initials of his two children. Jay married Reesa Russell in 2011 and they both have been the best for each other and the company. ACR got its production start with Worlds Worst Tenants on Spike TV, which Jay served as co-executive producer. Since then ACR productions has developed relationships with the top production companies and networks in the US. In 2013 Jay signed a first look deal with North South Productions of Knoxville, TN and New York, NY. This has turned out to be a great combination in the discovery of new worlds and characters for reality TV.

Being from the south Jay and Reesa are very protective of the Southern image. Many times the south is portrayed in such a negative way that this closes the door for good reality TV that portrays the positive aspects of the south. Jay says “ production companies too often look for the people with the fewest teeth in their head and the most dogs under the porch”. ACR Productions is not in the business of making people look bad. Due to the out look we have been entrusted with the opportunities to produce shows that many have lost. ACR prides itself on this very thing.

Thanks for taking a look if you would like to pitch us please feel free to contact us.

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