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ACR Productions Video Production Services.

ACR Productions provides video and production services for all types of video production needs. Our extensive background in the TV industry allows us to deliver the most compelling videos to fit your needs. We are story tellers we have sold shows to television networks worth millions of dollars, this is important because we know what keeps people coming back. We are currently doing videos in the following ares:

  • Legal Services: Our services include scene documentation, day in the life, and settlement videos. these videos are designed to help your clients deliver there side of the story. Video alone is not enough in producing these videos we drive home the most important points of your case. We take the thoughts of your clients and put them on the screen. We produce facts not fiction.
  • Real Estate: We have taken the steps to produce the most impactful videos in the real estate industry. There are many companies out there trying to capitalize the drone craze and without the proper clearances from the FAA this can put you at risk. The FAA requires that drone pilots to have a 333 exemption in order to provide drone services for a fee, we have taken this step. We also have acquired the proper insurance requirements to protect us and our clients. Lastly our aerial equipment is state of the art and provides the highest quality footage to suit your needs.
  • Safety Videos: We provide video services to demonstrate and explain your organizations safety culture. We like to include the actual people that their lives is impacted by the safety habits of others. This allows for people to see the actual personalities of the people that they see at work. This is also very impactful for contractors coming into your environment.
  • Community Exposure: This refers to areas such as golf courses or retirement communities. We can deliver breathtaking insight to what your community facilities are all about. These video can also be utilized in the promotion and sales of properties in these communities.

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